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Joe Cocker - Luxury You Can Afford
Picture disc promotional copy
Black Breath - Heavy Breathing
The Secret - Solve et Coagula

The Secret - Solve et Coagula

Throats s/t

Throats s/t

“I don’t ever want to be holding something that could be something - I would want it to be something. As a person I’ve always felt better confiding in art and music than I have anything else. It’s a sort of empty place in which I can bare everything. I don’t want to create anymore damage in this world. The world’s already suicidal. Literally, constantly, this earth is trying to purge human beings off of it, everyday. I don’t want to hurt anything that I love or care about or respect, in any way. I just want to give back in what weird ways that I can.”

—   Jacob Bannon (via erinthecreative)
Jaws 2 Soundtrack

Jaws 2 Soundtrack

Went to do live sound in Washington square park today but was rained out. Went shopping instead. 

"Record stores of Greenwich Village NYC"
Was supposed to do front of house sound in washington square park today. Got rained out…
Rod Stewart - A Night on the Town
From Russia With Love Soundtrack